Artist Statement

I think of my paintings as a platform to exercise my imagination where it becomes a mode of inhabiting space. The primitive marks on the canvas provide clues to my interpersonal relationship with the world around me. It mimics how my body not only occupies space in an immediate physical reality but also how it projects and manifests an illusion of space around it. As an abstract artist, my interpretations stem from the intrinsic nature of how the painting is made. In its making, I recognise unique meanings that transform my perception of space and time. This is my way to introspect the phenomenological process of perception and painting. The metaphysical approach to my art leads to questioning beyond our physical reality. My latest work attempts to reflect this inquiry by creating a combination of energetic controversy and intrigue on the canvas. The spontaneous action and gestural approach is an effort at a rudimentary, primordial and elementary expression.

Sheena Bajaria


Sheena Bajaria was born in Vadodara, India. She completed her BFA from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, 2017. She interned at Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai and The Bombay Art Society, Mumbai as a gallery coordinator's assistant in 2019. Artist residency at Space Studio, Vadodara for Jan - May, 2021.