Artist Statement

My artistic investigation is a flux of multiplicity in mediums of expressions like drawings, sculptures, and installations. My practice over the years has evolved as a responsive relation to my ‘Space/Place’; it is both emotive and metaphysical. From large scale installation projects to extremely personal studio-based practice I navigate through space and time to evoke compound memoirs. In materiality and its sensation, I liberate myself through the act of making. Ambiguity of expression, a deliberate nonconformist position as an artist allows me freedom in which my practice breathes in. I believe my artistic discourse to be emancipation of choice a voice of artistic deliverance. Since last few years, one of the areas that I have been constantly working on, observing and questioning, is the matter of identity through issues of representation and beauty. Living in an appearance conscious society that is fascinated with physical beauty and our continuous efforts to define what it is and what it is not, my works looks into it through the notions of deformation and disfigurement .I am intrigued by the discomfort and horror it creates in us and social stigma attached to one’s appearance. The project has led me to observe the lives of the women concern with the idea of perfection. Use of black epoxy as a primary color in my works questions various issues concerning the normalcy of one’s appearance.

Preksha Tater


Preksha Tater completed her graduation and post graduation in visual arts in the year 2007 from M. S. University, Vadodara. Since then she has been participating in many national and international exhibitions and residencies in South Korea, Egypt, London, Israel, Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, etc. She is the recipient of Nasreen Mohamedi Award for the best display in the year 2007. In the year 2009 she was awarded the Inlakes India Foundation Award. In the same year she was among the 10 selected artist for the Vedhera annual group show as part of FICA emerging artist. She also did her solo show 'Small Wonders' in the same year in Mumbai. She lives and works in Surat, Gujarat.