Madeeha Attari

Artist Bio

Madeeha Attari (b.1983/Lahore/Pakistan) completed her schooling in Lahore after which she went on to do her BSc Honours in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, London, UK, 2005. After working at the House of Lords in London, she returned to Lahore in 2006.

Her abstraction and photography are representative of her attempt to reconcile her inner consciousness with the outside world as she treads the path of self-discovery, all the while documenting on canvas and film a myriad experiences. She draws from her years of conflicted quiet desperation of being a faceless identity as a Pakistani living in India to the joy of finding love and embracing a culture and community, which has given her both a new sense of wonder and belonging.

Taking inspiration from the 50’s Abstract expressionist movement, Madeeha attempts to use contrasting colours, irregular linear form, and at times an aggressive mix of texture for spontaneous personal emotional expression. Her work is often interspersed with multiple layers of gritty paintwork creating a unique tactile experience. The artist lives and works in Mumbai, India.