Artist Statement

The highest spiritual conduct is love for each other.

Each of these pictures are of people in prayer, and meditation. Transcending organised religion we are all one.

Sometimes to look at a beautiful image is uplifting. I hope to put out as much positivity in the world. Nothing is possible without being in surrender to the Great Creator.

My images usually have a human caught in action. Something honest with no room for masked, or superficial. Freezing moments of life, I like to include dramatic skies, birds, or just anything that looks interesting at that moment.

Hasnain Soomar


Hasnain Soomar is a photographer who studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. He has worked on feature films and fashion photography. Hasnain also delves in teaching photography. He has taught children with special needs, children from lower income households and crafts people of India.

His inspiration is in simply walking in historical places, crowded streets, open spaces and being open to the possibility of finding a photograph anywhere. The uncertainty of things walking into his frame and the challenge to make it all work as a photograph.