Still Find Some Place Anyway

This series draws its impression from the left overs during migration. Migrating from native place and making a new identity and attachments becomes a variable situation.

Ekta Singha

MY PRACTICE and Statement of Intent

The crux of my work is the personal interpretation of layers of experiences woven with paraphernalia of design motifs, forms and elements derived from miniature paintings. My interest in Mughal, Persian and Rajput miniature paintings has helped me generating a language of my own. Then it's the Visual experiences in different point of time that I have received conciously and subconciously that makes its entrance in pictorial surface that is layered with metaphorical and personal references. Anecdotes and memories of ancestral home and lineage in Bangladesh had played a strong role in my work. Creating patterns remain an integral part of my work and not just as an ornamental design. Rather, it becomes an important visual tool to subtly transform experiences - disturbing events and memories through its consistent appearance. This is an attempt to create a visual trope with the imageries, so that they don't become too didactic but at the same time demand certain attention from the viewer in order to articulate the works.