Divya Pamnani

Artist Bio

Divya Pamnani (b.1983) is an artist based in Bombay practicing a syncretic form of visual story-telling drawn from traditional art forms of India, inspired by a love for playful and intricate pattern making. In 2019, she pursued training in the Indian Miniature painting technique from Master Artist Mahaveer Swami in Rajasthan, a proponent of the Bikaner School of painting. During her time training, she got to witness first hand the studio practice of a traditional Master Artist, how he prepares brushes, pigments and surfaces, reminiscent of the Mughal and Rajput painting ateliers she studied about in her coursework in The Art of the Book. All the self-sought course-work, academic and technical, have helped her hone in on the practice of Miniature Painting, as a foundation for developing a unique visual vocabulary. For the last 2 years, Divya has been focussed on just that, developing a visual language by building on the rich legacy of miniature paintings.